Folic Acid

When it comes to RLS symptoms, did you know that folic acid plays a big roll in how severe your symptoms may be? I didn’t either but in this article we will both dive in together and figure out how to track your folic acid intake, what the consequences may be for taking or producing too much and finally what degree of production and intake would make you feel ill.

Prevent RLS symptoms

So what in fact is Folic Acid? It is essentially a vitamin or supplement used to fight against anemia and mainly taken by women who are pregnant in order to keep the hormones somewhat in check. Anemia is the process in which the body does not produce enough red blood cells and has a count well below the average amounts. What is also interesting about this water soluble vitamin is that is commonly referred to as vitamin B9, that is meant to refer it to being a complex vitamin associated with red blood cells.

Now these are not to be confused with prenatal vitamins as most often you will need a prescription from a physician to receive the folic acid. These are very powerful vitamins so even if you should happen to miss a day it is not recommended that you take a double dose the next day. Make sure to also get the correct information when it comes to how this may effect your usual dietary habits. In a recent article scientists and members of the FDA or Federal Drug Administration have inched closer to the conclusion that tortillas may be a notable source for naturally consuming folate.

It has been said that not only is folic acid good for first term pregnancy mothers and also the child but it is in fact good for a restless leg syndrome sufferer. Having a deficiency in vitamins can seriously damage ones body so as we discussed in our vitamin article. In closing with this particular article it is duly advised that you should consult your doctor before making rash decisions. Remember this site can be informational and at times funny but remember this and any perceived health related information is for entertainment purposes only. What we do like to promote is natural and less invasive ways of healing. Meditation and healthy eating will take you a long way and by not taking pills you are helping out your internal organs that have to work so hard to process those items working through your system.

Let me tell a little story. When I was younger, let’s say around 35 I had a tough battle with eating fatty foods a little to often. My body was out of shape and I would literally become short of breath with only a small exertion of energy, such as jogging for 5 seconds. When I finally had enough and playing with my children became to hard for me to handle I decided I was going to get myself into greater shape. I wanted fast results so like many other people I knew I began to take supplements that where in fact more damaging to my body than the nasty food I was placing in front of me.

As the pounds began ┬áto fall and my outer appearance began to get greater I started to notice a pain in my lower back. This was a sharp pain at times when I would bend over and a dull pain through out the day.This lasted for around 3 months until I began to do a lot of research on the subject. I was searching around the web and I found something out something interesting. My search terms were “sore back not from working out.”

Eventually I came to the heart wrenching determination that it in fact wasn’t my muscles that were sore but it was my kidney’s. You see my kidneys had been working overtime as well as the rest of my internal organs to process all those synthetic supplements that I had been ingesting daily. This is one of the main reasons for this site pushing a natural healing agenda and why you see those products on the site.

In conclusion for real now I hope that this site eventually helps at least one person and they can forward some helpful information to those in need.

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Underactive Thyroid

Did you know that having an under active thyroid gland can lead to many debilitating symptoms and ailments including restless leg syndrome.But how would you actually know if you happen to have an under-performing thyroid gland? Well I believe that in order for us to understand how this particular gland would be not working properly, we would first have a look at what the thyroid gland is and what it contributes to your body.

RLS symptoms Thyroid

The thyroid gland is located at the base of the neck and is basically in charge of your metabolism. It is also an essential part of the Endocrine System.Here is a list of a few of the important functions of your body that the thyroid glands effect in one way or another. Starting out the hormones that are released effect a woman menstrual cycle, your heart rate and metabolism, your internal body temperature as well as breathing. As you can see this 2 inch wide gland is small but very powerful and if happens to go off kilter for any reason the body will respond in many ways including developing RLS syndrome.

Often times you may hear a woman speak of her thyroid gland as it is often the culprit for sudden changes to occur in ones physical health. Let us now have a look at some of the signs or symptoms that may come about from not having an optimal performing gland. If you may happen to recognize any of these symptoms then we will once again mention that you should contact a local and professional doctor who may in fact direct or recommend that you schedule an appointment with a endocrinologist.

Now let us get back to the potential warning signs that one might encounter if the thyroid was to begin to not perform at its highest levels. Number one and I believe to be the most common is having a sudden drop in your energy levels.Think about it. Have you ever been so tired that you couldn’t possibly keep your eyes open. Well that is what is described by most patients and it is so prevalent that some say energy drinks do not even help. In my experiences this can also give people the impression that they may be suffering from a mild depression spell or it can even turn into that if the symptoms go untreated by a professional. Another sign that your thyroid gland is giving you troubles would be a sudden spell of weight gain. Other signs could be constipation, high cholesterol,dry skin and mood swings. I know the uh last example may be a little harder for us to differentiate from normal behavior but if you start to combine the ones that are listed as what you are going through then it may be time to make an appointment with your doctor.

Thyroid disorders have been said to be more prevalent then heat disease and diabetes. And if you are into health news you would know that heart disease and diabetes are very common in today’s world of high cholesterol and high fat diets. Now remember at this site we do not give legal advice. We only try to highlight symptoms and related items that may be of concern for you if you happen to be suffering from restless leg syndrome. If in fact you are having some health trouble and you do not believe natural means can help or you want a professional opinion see you doctor.

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